A short interview with Elliott Erwitt.

In this turn of the century, all of these legends became prophets of the photographic apocalypseAs Robert Frank, Ewitt seems quite negative about the future of photography. Is there any reason for this concern?

Adam Magyar, Stainless - Shinjuku

Tiago Lopes, Pedrogão Grande, Portugal, 2013

Stills from “Two Years at Sea”, It’s a fictional documentary made by Ben Rivers.

It’s not easy film to watch. but if you love “Walden or Life in the Woods”(like i loved), you will probably enjoy this so much! There are many references of Thoreau book, like a fishing scene. Photographically it was the part that most interested me. It has great Black and White, very raw. Almost remembered the Black Metal themes, with dark forests, foggy mountains, and a solitary bearded men. It is very atmospheric and introspective. it was a good surprise to me.

Henry Wessel on photographing from the road.